Clarified Butter

16.08.2018 11:21:20

Anciently this product was widely known and in demanded both in Russia and in other parts of the world, such as India and South Asia, Pakistan, etc., it is called GHEE, or liquid gold. This type of butter is so popular that it is considered not just as a food product, but also as medicine. This product can be used both externally and internally. It has an external usage for healing massages and hair, face and body masks. Internally it treats digestive diseases, weakness, exhaustion, migraines, is used to immunity improvement and allergies treatment. Clarified Butter is beloved for its effectiveness and safety.

What the clarified Butter is? Butter (fat content 82%) is heated to 75-80° temperature and during the process the milk fat is separated from impurities and water is reaching 98-99%. You can obtain 700-800g of Clarified Butter from 1 butter kg. During such butter melting process lactose, water, protein and milk’s sugar are removed from the usual oil, and as a result we can get higher concentration of trace elements. And finally we get high yellowish pure mass full of ferments keeping human health and beauty. Basically butter is processed into a melted product to increase the shelf life.