Conserveland name itself obliges us to provide our partners with a full line of canned products in different price segments - from traditional to exclusive.


FISHBERRY brand trademark products are made at the ultra-high quality Russian and foreign plants. We control all production chain from the raw materials selection to the final product yield . Additional quality control is the guarantee of excellent result. All products are made in easily open lid tins for our customer’s maximum convenience.

Quality is the priority of FISHBERRY brand products!!!


Premium canned vegetables and fruit trade mark made only at quality Russian and foreign plants. Only Spanish plants olives and olive oil without GMO.

Our olive oil is made from the highest quality selected yellow with greenish cast olives and soft taste.

Olives are one of the most important "guards" of human health.


The traditional product is condensed milk which we each remember and love since childhood.


Low-priced segment. One of the price offer market leaders.


Low-priced segment including a wide demanded market products such as black/green olives and tomato paste.

Olive oil contains fatty acids that reduce the level of bad cholesterol. The use of oil and olives helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and obesity.

Our price olive oil is available for everyone.

From Mommy For Daddy

FromMommyForDaddy . Mass market/ economy segment. Has wide range of canned goods " familiar from childhood."

Federal Reserve

Highest quality products with a low remaining shelf life. The best union of quality and price. "The state reserve is a special Federal reserve of material assets and is the part of Federation Public Purse property." (s)